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Storage Yard Rant!

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I went out today to check on 8 of my cars I have out at a storage yard, and found two of them had missing parts! My 69 XR7, and one of my 65 Tbirds had parts taken from each car. I went over to the office and the owner was on vacation over at the coast. His employee gave him a call, and I got to talk to him about it. He said that it was impossible for anyone to steal from the cars, since he monitors the yard on a regular basis. Today he made mention about the original radio in the XR7 and my concerns of theft when I first brought the car in. I told him that was one of the items stolen! All in all replacement cost for the parts taken will be about $400 to $500 dollars. /forums/images/icons/mad.gif

The owner is a super nice guy, and I have enjoyed dealing with him for the last couple of years, and I really don't want to burn any bridges with him. We agreed that we would talk some more about it next week when he gets back into town. Should I ask for compensation for the stolen items, or should I show my concern on the security of my vehicles there, and take the loss if he doesn't offer to anti-up?
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Don't you have these cars insured?

I sent you a PM.
Is there any mention in a written storage lease agreement on theft issues pertaining to tenant's vehicles parked in the storage yard? If you have such a lease agreement, please review it for such a provision. If not, you may be able to work out a settlement with the owner. Sounds like he may be willing to negotiate...or he may refuse to also. You will have to use your judgment on that type of scenario. Be carefull also, the thieves may return again to get more parts. Good luck.

We just ate a $2500 crop sprayer job because we neglected to add an ingredient to the herbicide to make it effective. When you own your own business, that kind of expense is one you feel. This customer spends many thousands of $$$ every year with us. Of course, we could have refused to stand behind our work, then we would have felt a BIG loss as word like that gets around in our little farm community. Yes, insurance may have covered it, but our premiums would have went up $2500/ year. So we would have gotton screwed by them too if we would have filed a liability claim.
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Tough call....if you push for cash he's gonna think you are shaking him down. I would pull my cars and find another lot, he won't let you go without a fight, so then you can get your money back and everybody can be happy...and you might get your cars looked after a little more closely.
Maybe have him ask the employees what they know?

J. Boggs
You should be compensated for your loss. Owning your own business has many burdens and that's one of them. He or his/your insurance should give it up. I think a police report is in order.
Pulling the cars won't help - as long as they are outdoors they remain easy targets.
If you are reimbursed, take the money and buy locking car covers. If it happens again, there can be no dispute. (and your cars will be a lot happier under wraps)
Do I have the cars insured? Are you kidding? I would go broke trying to insure 22 cars /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif
Our storage lease pertains to a verbal agreement and a hand shake. This person owns about 10 to 15 acres out in the country, and has it secured with chain link fence and gates, and has a couple of watch dogs he releases after he closes. He is a very honest person, and I trust him completely. But where the problems come from are other dis-honest renters who come in to check on their cars and decides to steal from others who has cars out there as well. There is close to 500 classic cars stored on this lot, and I've yet seen anything newer than my 74 torino I have out there. It's almost a car show in itself when you drive out there.

I really don't want to move the cars, as I like the owner. But having 8 cars out there, I can't really afford to loose parts like this, and not get anything back for it. I guess I'll just wait and see if he offeres anything next week, if not? then I will have to make a decision on what my next move should be.
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Be sure to take lots of digital pics of the cars and all pertinent components such as radios etc... and next time you will have proof for the judge to see. Sounds like small claims court time to me.
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