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Strange looking car? Kinda long but worth the read

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I travel a lot with my job and spend sometime in the country.(out back)
The locals will know a town called INJUNE out past Roma.
Anyway I got talking to a guy I do some business with there about mustangs , and the old story came up about how a local cocky has some sort of old car in a shed, this guy thinks in might be a mustang, story was the car belonged to this cockys father or uncle or something who imported the car from the states, not long after that the guy was sadly killed in tractor roll over years ago.Been in the shed ever since.
I thought ,yeah sure most likely a rusted HQ or something.(sorry an old holden). So he says he will try to get some photos.This was months ago I had forgotten all about it.
Well in the mail today(people move slow in the bush , too bloody hot.) I get about 10 shots of this car. Very good photos surprisingly.
It is a mustang f/b 65-66. covered in [censored](sorry shed type stuff)
I'm as green as grass when it comes to Mustangs , this thing looks odd to me.
It's a 4 speed . Well its got a stick shift , odd looking steering wheel. Hard to tell from the photos exactly what it is. In the middle of the dash ,like in the dash pad, there seem to be a couple of gauges. Interior is black and the car is still LHD.
It's got what look like steel style wheels but they are different from the normal steel styles.
The car looks to be white (might just be dust) with darker colored strips right down the middle of the car from front to back.There is some sort of hump or scoupe in the middle of the bonnet.
The odd thing is that in the side where the fresh air vents go ,there is what looks from the photo to be a window .
If this any good I could mostly liklely get this thing cheap. The bushys are about as sharp as a sock full of custard!!
Any ideas?

If in doubt give it a clout
If at first you don't succeed , find a bigger hammer
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The photos are just from normal camera . How do I get them on the computer, can I get the scaned or something.

If in doubt give it a clout
If at first you don't succeed , find a bigger hammer
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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