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Strange push rods

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I was digging some boxes last night and came across some push rods that have a ball at one end and a cup shape at the other. They match up to the rocker arm assembly which has an adjustable piece that goes screws through the rocker arm. These are not like the push rods I have on my 390..
any help with this would be great.
Thank you

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Those are typical of the push rods and rockers which are adjustable. They came on engines such as solid lifter 427's but may be for other make engines as well. They can be used for hydraulic lifters by setting the valve train at "O" lash.
They also had lifters that are different than those from my 390.
They have 1"x 3/4"dia at the base then a smaller 1/2" x 1/2" dia in the middle then another piece approx 3/4" x 3/4"dia which has the ends for the push rods. Any way of checking to see if they are usable?

Keep those Ponies rolling.. don't crush them!!!
Those are solid lifters and shouldnt ever be reused (all lifters) unless they are matched to the cam that was in the engine.
You have a set of solid lifters and push rods!

Bob White (672nv)
THat was one thing I knew about not reusing the lifters.
So I take it this type of rocker arm assembly is getting harder to find?
Could this set up be used on a 428Cj head?
Do you know if 428Cj heads can run on 360's or 390's? I know the compression ratio is a concern.
Thanks again Martin

Keep those Ponies rolling.. don't crush them!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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