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Stripped my speakerless trap door, primer ?

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I thought I would try that aircraft stripper today on my replacement trap door. It worked pretty good, took several coats and 3 hours of elbow grease. I have a question about the paint I stripped off. First coat was black which PO put on, second coat I found was beige which looked like factory, the last coat before metal was a blue color. It was quite thin. I didn't think they used primer on interior parts. Was the blue actually the original color?


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Blue could have been original. The factory has been known to overpaint pieces on occasion. Also, I believe the factory interior paint had an etching quality that sort of let it double as a primer. But, I wouldn't shoot color on the trap door without a primer base. Self-etching primers are available in spray cans. I'd spray a thin coat that just covers the bare metal so the grain appearance remains crisp before shooting color.

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