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Stripping paint from 65/66 interior rear panels

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OK guys...what do you use for stripping paint from the interior quarter panels? What was recommended to me was Fiberglass paint stripper, by the same people who make aircraft stripper. You only apply it for 5 minutes, and wash thoroughly.

I'm concerned that I may damage the grain on these panels with chemicals, but no mechanical method will work on these fiberglass panels. I'm going to try it out on a section of a piece that won't show as a test. I called around town, and no one has a bad/damaged panel in inventory to try as a test article.

For painting, what was recommended was Vinyl Prep by SEM, followed by scotchbrite scuff pad, then wax/grease remover, then the SEM Landau Black paint.

I suspect most of you have used Krylon 1613 satin black, but I can get the SEM paint in bulk for the spray gun.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?
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Do a search. Not to long ago someone posted an article about stripping them with Easy Off oven cleaner. I used it on mine with a nylon scrub brush as it came out great. As far as the paint you don't need a flex agent (vinyl paint additive) for the fiberglass. Shoot the with a mist coat of epoxy primer then go over them with regular laquer paint. The enamels tend to fill in the grain.
I believe the Easy Off was done on metal, not the fiberglass interior panels, but I could be wrong. I do think the vinyl prep/flex agent isn't needed, as the panels are stiff and don't flex like vinyl dash pads or car seats. I may punt on the flex agent.

My painter suggested a scotch brite pad (the maroon colored one) with Ajax cleanser and lots of water. I followed his suggestion and returned the cleaned panels to him and he shot them with the Charcoal Metallic lacquer that is supposed to be the "Correct" color. They came out great with no detectable loss of textured grain.

Here's the link for the easy off & fiberglass interior panels;

like I said, it works great.
I had to do that for my fastback, and the panels had been repainted at least once so there was considerable peeling buildup. I used a water soluble paint stripper and didn't leave it on long. I kept the hose right by me to keep a good waterflow on the panel. I brushed the stripper on, rinsed, then scrubbed with a Scotchbrite pad, repeating several times. They cleaned up pretty well, and then I did my usual routine of washing with **** and Span, degreasing with SureKleen, primering, and painting.

You've seen Trouble's interior so you know how well they turned out--especially since I went from Ivy Gold (green) to Light Palomino (tan).
The C5 part# panels are made of a totally different fibreglas than the C6 panels.
My experience is that The C5's can be stripped with the Circa 1859 gel stripper. Left on for a few minutes, scrubbed with a plastic brush and rinsed. Totally clean panel with no damage.
Every effort I made on the C6 panels resulted in the brittle fibreglas falling apart. I'd say the color is IN the surface of the panel.
Interesting...I have the C5 panels!
We used lacquer thinner and/or easy off with scotch brite pad.
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