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More questions!!
On page 29 of the Mustang How To Volume 1 guide is a reference to identifying the 3 different years for style steel wheels in 65,66 and 67. Based on this info it's clear that my 66 is fitted with the 65 wheels (all chrome without the chrome rim). Can anyone advise whether the 65 wheels were fitted as original equipment to the early 66 production runs? My convertable rolled off the San Jose line on Sept 7 1965. #104656. Furthermore can anyone advise the date the 66 first started rolling off the line?
Much obliged for any help

The Rickster
66 A code Convert
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I believe that the 65 styled steel wheels where available quite some time during the fall of 65 - in fact all the way into december. There might have been differencies between plants though (Please correct me if I'm wrong here.) Your car could certainly have had these wheels.
1st 66 - different dates for the different plants here also.
IIRC, "Mr F" answered this some year ago, saying they had the "balance out" on the 20th of July in San José, and the earliest date codes I have seen on a 66 was 16H, 16th of August.
I guess Jeff can give the exact dates for a San Jose Mustang.

Claes - used to be "FAST66"
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Yes, its quite possible that an early 66 would have left over 65 parts installed such as in the case of your styled steel wheels. If they were installed at the dealer this can happen all the time and very easily as they would use old stock first. Either can be correct, but I would not trust a national judge not to dock you at a MCA type show.
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