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Jeff Speegle has stated several times on this forum that you can have relative success using the cold blueing touch-up liquids available at gun stores to give parts a phosphate look. So I tried it on my accelorator linkage.

First, I sandblasted the part and cleaned it thoroughly with a degreaser. I mounted it in my vise grips on a vise so I wouldn't touch it with my fingers at all.

Next, I painted it with "Black Magic" (contains Selenious Acid), which flash rusted it, and let it sit for about 2 minutes. After rinsing, I wiped off the rust and the surface beneath was treated.

I reapplied the acid two more times to get the nice dark gray/dull look I wanted. Not bad for a $4.50 bottle!

PS - It is a 2 oz. bottle & I probably used 1/10 of it.

Cecil Bozarth

1966 GT Coupe (Tahoe Turquoise with black pony interior)

1994 GT Convertible
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