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I succumbed to the temptation last night. I know many VMFers have thought about doing it. But I did it. I actually did it.

In the magazine section of the grocery, I took all the Mustangs Illustrated (the only mustang mag least they HAD one) and I covered up all the Chevy magazines. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif/forums/images/icons/mad.gif

I got some sort of sick satisfaction out of this (note that I have not driven my stang since Jan - new engine, so if felt like "replacement therapy") .

My kids saw me do it. I told them to never do that. My 13 year old proceeded to put the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue in the kiddie section on top of a Barney coloring book. Like father, like son. *G*
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You're a good man, Charlie Brown. You've saved a few souls with your good deed. *LOL* me check your shorts! My multimeter is just a-waiting! Formerly known as Midlife in the old VMF.
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Smart boy...that girl on the SI cover is quite a hottie!


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