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well, it was a royal PITA, but, i got the HV melling in , and everything buttoned up, and now crissy has strong oil pressure again *WHEW*, i feel much better now..but with sucess comes failure.... my MSD box took a complete dump on me... the car wouldnt start, did all of the tests from the MSD site, no spark form the unit, didnt even get spark At the plugs with the unit in the car.. i bypassed it, went back to the original point ignition and what do ya know? it fired right up first turn of the key.... that just ticks me off, ive only had the unit about a year and a half, JUST long enough for the warranty to expire...

funny thing is, after coming home a few mins ago of driving with the points again, the car seems to run JUSt as good and have just as much power as when the MSD was working... i dont know if il buy another MSD unit now, maybe just buy a pertronix.. who knows , il decide later. ...

but, i feel better thats for sure, no damage to the engine itself, and good oil pressure sleep better tonight
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