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Suggestions for fuel line

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I would like to know the best solution for a new fuel line setup from the pump to carb. I recently went from stock to an edelbrock intake and carb setup. The fuel line now enters on the right side of the carb and the filter must be attched inline instead of on the carb. Please give me some suggestions for a nice clean look and a way to keep the fuel cool at is now takes a longers trip over the intake. Is it easy to bend my own lines or should I use the existing line and connect to it somehow?

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I ended up running the braided as well. Looks real nice. Just took it off this weekend, because I was getting vapor lock, after the engine would get hot, I would loose fuel pressure, or fuel to the carb. I had the filter in front of the carb and it sat off the intake by about 3". I believe the placement of the metal case filter along with the heat absorbing stainless casued my problem.

For now I removed all that, used rubber gas line, and put a clear fuel filter near the electric fuel pump. works fine, but doesn't look that great. Using to troubleshoot. so far, so good!!/forums/images/icons/smile.gif
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