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swap meet in Conn.

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I was told about a large swap meet to be held in Conn. I think it is in Thompson? Does anyone know anything about it and is it a good place to Mustang parts, specifically windshield mouldings and a drivers side door? It is on Easter Sunday and this may ruffle some feathers so I do not want to go unless it will be worthwhile.
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Is it the one held at some VFW? I remember making a long trip out to one once at a VFW and it was about 3 guys with blown out SBCs and 1 woman selling beannie babies.

I don't recall ever seeing a 'good' swap meet in CT... but I've always had bad luck so I usually don't bother. The one that sticks in my mind as being half way decent is in Bristol at Lake Compounce. Teebone would be the one to ask about this though.

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There's one this Sunday in Stafford Springs Ct. at the Speedway. I'm not sure how many Mustang parts your going to find. I was at Thompson last fall and there were plenty of vendors selling used parts. Pete
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