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Or have someone hold the hood open while you adjust the hinges and tell them, "Push up on it a little harder". Yes, I've been there.
Well, what is odd to me is, under all the bondo, my 1965's hood had a similar crease on the passenger side. Stripping the car I found dents on the passenger side roof at the A pilar (more or less). I know what happened in that case, but I don't know how it happened. Unless, it was related to the repaired driver's apron & shock tower that were brazed back together. I can only say, I know why that hood & the replaced apron are no longer on the car...It was my fault.

And to not totally derail this thread. The first replacement was from a $100 rusted car I bought & drove a couple years. I eventually swapped hoods, took a few other parts, and then sold it for $500. My replacement, replaced hood (yes twice) was only $45 in 2010 or so...And for the record: not my fault.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts