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Does anyone know of any or can someone point me in the direction of finding out about upcoming swap meets or car shows in the central Texas area? I live in Austin, so I'd be willing to drive to Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, or somewhere in between. Heck, I'd drive to El Paso if I had to!

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Pate is at Texas Moter Speedway April 26-29

John L. Anschutz
Allen, TX
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April 13 & 14 at the Ballpark in Arlington. This is usually a pretty good swap meet. Not near as large as Pate though.

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I have a note on my calendar that says there is one in New Braunfels (by San Antonio) the weekened of April 20-22nd.

The best one around to go to is Pate!!! Very Big

TJ - Highland Village, TX (DFW area)

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