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At Carlisle few weeks ago, I bought two center sections.
Both were 9 inch. One is 3.00 and the other 3.25.
My car came originally with 3.25 open rear.
I plan to use the 3.25 gears.

My problem is this.
The 3.25 doesn't have a filler hole.
The 3.00 does.
Is it possible to transfer 3.25 gear sets to 3.00 housing
without doing any adjustments?
Do I need this done by experts instead?

Also, I have a set of 3.25 pinion and ring gear only.
Should I just remove the 3.00 gears from the housing
with filler hole? (instead of removing two gears from
two housings)
Does it need any adjustment once changed?
Is it difficult to do?
Any tips or pointers?
Maybe someone can give a step-by-step procedure
how to remove and install new gears.

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It is hard to give stet by step instructions. If you want to change gears it is better to have someone who has done it before do it. If it were me I would drill and tap the housing that does not have the drain hole. That way you have 2 usable pumpkins.

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