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Swapping Seats?

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The driver seat in my 67 is toast, the entire seat bottom and back have almost completely seperated from the seat track, I can't adjust it anymore, because the seat just slides around, and leans real funny towards the door. Will the passenger seat swap over until I can get new ones? Does anybody know of seats from another car that I could find in the junkyard that would bolt right in. My seat keeps slipping further back, I am having trouble reaching the clutch. Thanks.
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Any year Mustang and I've heard of Toyato Supra seats fitting. I'm sure many more will fit. You just need to reuse the tracks. Sounds like your current setup is unsafe, get them fixed/replaced before you do much more driving.
The Supra seats don't just bolt in. They do need a little seat track modifications to work. I absolutely love mine, so if you're considering doing high back seats at some point, now is as good a time as any!
hey pch.. with all that money you put in the car why did you stick with front drums?
99 and later Mustang seats are not direct bolt in. The seat bottoms are not flat, and are different side to side. But they work better than previous Stang seats because they are flatter.
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