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Sway Bar Bushings a little loose on a 7/8" bar ,

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Any suggestions on how to tighting this up...talked w/ Canadian/American Mustang Parts and they recommended cutting the bushing slightly...but that may make it out of round and think that it might distort the bushing under load in a turn?
Any suggestions on how to take up the slack on where the two frame mounted bushings attach to the 7/8" sway bar?
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CM is right, cut one side to make a "C" shape, and trim away a 1/16" 'til it fits tight when you bolt it up. This is not exactly a precision part, and they are designed to distort a little when force is applied.....
You could have bushings for a 1" bar... Some of the bushings have their size molded onto them, check to see.

Personally I wouldn't cut them, ask the place where you got them from to send you replacements.
i got the wrong size with mine
after 3 times of sending new ones to me the retailer called the manufacturer, and they sent them direct to me
Seems as tho the manufacturer was packing them wrong to begin with, supposed to be corrected....did anyone say ADDCO...not me ... anyone need 1 1/8 bushings, ive got 2 sets layin around maybe 3 sets, ive lost count
They are 7/8" according to the package. They are very close in size, but they have a bit of play in them...that may go away when I tighten it up against the frame...but I am in the process of painting the sway bar before installing it...but I wanted to see if there was anything i could do prior to bolting it in place.
They are already cut, it's just hard to see, you need to touch them.
Just cut a little to adjust for the looseness.
If it hasn't been mounted yet, it will likely tighten up when you bolt it down.
If not, trim the bushing a little.
What would be the best tool to use to trim off Midolyne bushings? Razor or saw? Just need a 1/16-1/8" maybe less to tighten up the bushing....any suggestions?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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