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Sway Bar, where do you get them?

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Hi everyone, I have been doing some reading on Sway bars here in the VMF, and I keep on seeing the brand name "Magna" sway bars. I am wondering where you guys would get such a sway bar, and if they bold up or if they require welding. Any other suggestions on which sway bars work well would be appreciated, because I'm looking for something in or around 1" for low price and I can't seem to find any besides the California Mustang adjustable ones... Oh, and BTW, I have a '67 coupe, with a 302. Thanks a lot.
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The "magna" swaybar is available at Sometimes they
sell them on ebay for around 80.00, it's still
coming from mustangs plus! The sway bar bolts on
and it's a fairly easy job, goes in the same place as your old one!


1966 Mustang Coupe, 302 custom roller cam, holley 650dp,

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right now, i'm running the 1 incher. i should've run the bigger 1 1/8". i think it translate to 20 something times stronger than the 1". just a little something to think about...

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I have the 1 1/8 from Mustangs Plus. I redid my entire suspension from them. Get the larger sway bar. It will be worth it.


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got one for the rear if your interested.
3/4 inch magna Brand new never installed

OK shoot me. I should put this on classifieds
I will

66' 289 2v, C-4, bench and a/c
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