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SWMBO just don't understand sometimes!

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My wife gets so mad at me sometimes. I get the FBD running good, then I have to play with it. I tinker with adjustments to get the most out of it. I try and explain to her what I am doing. All she thinks sometimes is, I'm messing it up. Now granted I do have a little history of messing things up on it but not to bad. So yes CUDA I am touching it again.
I am playing with the timmng, It will take as much advance as I can throw at it with no detination. But I notice it starts droping power on the high end. So I take the MSD Mechanical Distributer and put the largest Timing advance stop bushing in. 18 degrees. This cuts done on too much timming on the top. What a difference. I am running about 20 - 22 degree's initial. with the lightest springs in so I get the advace right away in the lower RPM range. big dif from the cam stop bushing that was in there.
I guess she has a hard time understanding that I really learn stuff the more I tinker. I tell her I always check where I am at so I can return the adjustments back were it was running good.
Most of the time SWMBO is VERY supportive of this hobby. But she wants me to leave it alone before I break something!!!!!!!
But dear I would never do that!!! :~)