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Synthetic oil. Preferred brand?

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OK, Its oil changing time in the Mach and I'm going to switch over to synthetic. Any of you have any words of wisdom for brand? How does it hold up for an occasional blast down the 1/8th.

I've heard nothing but good about synthetics, but I would like everyone's opinion.
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I have nothing but good things to say about Redline, but it's pricey. Second choice would be Mobile One, In alot of Hipo (Corvette, Porche etc..) cars from the factory and they will even void your warranty if you don't use it.
Castrol Syntec or Mobil 1. I have used both with excellent results. My Jetta had 200k miles on it with Castrol and my Sunfire is presently hitting 150k on Mobil 1. Both engine are running great and the synthetics keep the insides very clean.
Mobil 1
I have been running Mobil 1 for years in a 440cid and a harley. Very good keeps the motor clean.
A little pricey but worth it I think
I use mobil one and the inside of the engine 10 years later still looks like the day I assembled it. I've heard good things about redline also. It doesn't break down after a hard run like regular oils I've seen the difference on the oil pressure gauge.
I've used Valvoline Syntec full synthetic for about 12 years on numerous vehicles. I put 280,000 miles on a 302 and when I sold the car it still had good acceleration and ran strong.
I think they are all "about" the same. If I had a preference, I would say Mobile 1 than Valvoline, though I have used most all of them will equal results.
Mobil 1 (10w30)
Wesson..../forums/images/icons/laugh.gif just kidding.

Check out the other posting about syn oil.
Mobil 1. I was going to use Amsoil but the only place that sells it around here is always closed. No complaints about Mobil 1 though.
Royal Purple is the only way to go!!
I like an oil thats readily available when I go on a road trip. I like Mobil One. Don't want to be in the middle of nowhere needing oil and having to buy the dinosaur stuff to dilute my synthetic.
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