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Alright guys, here goes.
I am looking to swap a 351w and a T-5 into the 70 fastback that I bought rolling. The car was originally automatic. I was wondering how anybody who has done this swap went about it, especailly as far as where to aquire all the parts for the conversion. What kind of kits are out there? Any other insights?

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I'm about a week from getting my car back from a C4 to TR3550 swap. I got all the parts from two places, Dark Horse Performance and John's Mustangs. The only other part was the brake/clutch pedal assembly which I got from a local Mustang salvage yard. Dark Horse provided a transmission kit that had the transmission and a few other things. I still needed the clutch assembly, flywheel and hydraulic system which came from John's Mustangs. There are a lot of parts that are needed and there doesn't seem to be a one stop shop for everything.

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