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Yep, The driveshaft shortening must be done by a competent driveline shop. Make sure they rebalance it.
You might want to wait until you actually have the engine and tranny reinstalled and then measure for the cut.
Make sure you pick up new speedo cable gears !!! They are different fior a T5 than for a toploader .... not sure
on the C4 ? I can provide the calculations for determining which gear you need.

So you have:
tranny, tranny crossmember, tranny mount, bell housing, flywheel, pressure plate, throw out bearing, idler
bearing,clutch lever, shifter handle, knob, z-bar, z-bar mounts (frame rail and engine), manual pedal assembly,
both clutch intermediate rods (pedal to z-bar, z-bar- to clutch lever), Red Line ATF and all the nuts and bolts
you'll need ?

Joe P.
1968 CS/GT with e'boked 302 and 1993 Cobra T5
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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