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My Osborn manual shows the taillight panel reinforcement bracket on my '68 as only being welded to the trunk floor (however there is a "cancelled page" showing welds to the taillight panel). It looks like it is welded to the taillight panel. I saw an article recently where, on a '66, the guy just used a BFH and chisel to remove the bracket from the taillight panel (doesn't appear to be welded).

My question is: is it welded only to the floor or to the taillight panel as well? And if so, do you remove the welds from the panel by drilling through the panel or the bracket?

Thanks in advance,

This is the bumper bracket inside the trunk right?

On my '66 it is welded to the taillight panel and the floor. The taillight spot welds were a PITA to drill. I ended up drilling all the way through both pieces. Then still needed a BFH and Chisel to get it apart. I was just removing it to fix some really bad factory welds.

I don't see why it needs to be welded to the taillight panel as when the bumper bolts are installed every thing is held together well. I would locate the bracket and bolt through the holes to hole it and then weld to the floor. Maybe a couple of tacks to the taillight panel.
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