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I've determined that ANY level of porting sucks!!!

I could use a die grinder, but I have no doubts I'd have to go just as slow.

My intention was to shadetree port my cleveland heads with durability in mind. So far I've removed the exhaust bump, rounded the valve guide boss ends in the exhaust ports, and removed the casting flash in all the ports. These actions alone ate up major time. The short side radius is pretty generous in cleveland heads and I'm not keen on rewelding heads, so I left the ports alone except for casting flash and larger bumps.

Now I'm hell bent smoothing the ridge in the combustion chambers that I guess allowed clearance for valve seat grinders and removing the edge formed by the outer of the 3 angles ground during the valve job......very slow job (don't want to kill the middle angle!!!)

Running a finger from the chamber face into the exhaust ports is now very smooth, and from the intake ports out to the chamber is smooth too. I've done this on one head, tomorrow the other will get done.

My machinist has a set of unclaimed and unmachined 2V heads in his shop......might just buy those puppies and do them down the road and try raising the last 3/4" of the exhaust ports and filling the downturn in.....lotta work but an interesting experiment (and THEN getting a 3 angle done on them...heaven forbid I do things in order!!! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif)

Long dirty work!!!!
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