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Ok guys I am trying to get the tranny out today. I have disconnected the shifter and all linkage and then all the fluid lines up to the radiator. And the engine is already out so its not connected to that. Also I took tube out at the back by the shaft. So now All thats left is the crossmember underneath. Now are there any tips I should know about before going a head and just unbolting them. How do you guys support the tranny when the car is on jacks. I just have a jack under the transmission pan or what ever its called. And then I have to wires holding the bellhousing to where the export braces attach so its got some support up there and to keep it from wobbling.

Thanks Guys

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Have you removed the torque convertor? Drained the oil out of the transmission? Unhooked the speedo cable? Useing a floor jack?
If you have done above things, along with what you already mentioned, you are ready to pull it out.
Jack it up a little, to remove weight from the crossmember. Pull the bolts from the crossmember that are through the frame rails. Take the wire loose from the front. Start letting the jack down. Now, look to make sure you have taken everything loose.....let the jack down....
KEEP ALL SOFT MEATY PARTS AWAY FROM JACK AND TRANSMISSION....If it starts to fall, LET IT GO......Transmission parts are stronger and harder than your parts.....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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