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Talk about a reeeeal bucket seat---

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I got my project car (70 convert) running yesterday after it had been sitting under an oak tree for at least 10 years. Anyway couldn't wait to take it around the block so I put a five gallon bucket on the new floor pan and took "GREEN THUNDER" (no muffler) for a spin. The wife was miffed. Anyone else have that effect on the old lady?
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That first ride is great isn't it. SWMBO get irritated all the time. I once made the mistake of putting the front quarters in the master bath tub to scrub them.( It was about 10 degrees outside) She seems to be getting used to the little things that make VMFers 'SPECIAL'

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You are lucky you have somebody to keep you in line. Sometimes, I re-build my carburetor on the coffee table and I keep lumber in the front room and spare parts in the bedroom. Parts dip smells yucky in the house, but you get used to it, if you ain't got nobody to tell you not to. Notice my signature doesn't say anything about the X (hehehehe)

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I recall someone a while ago using a lawn chair to drive with. As the saying goes where there's a will, there's a way.

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SWMBO is saying that we can't have any pool parties with hood, fenders, and gas tank leaning against the privacy fence around the pool (on the inside). Oh Well......I guess we just won't used the pool this year.
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