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TCP rack& pinoin installed and loveing it.

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I just got got my car aligned after my R&P install.WOW! this is great.This was the missing link I needed.I have a 351W with the Edelbrock RPM stuff,a Lentech AOD,4 wheel disc,and now rack and pinion steering.I could leave it alone now and be perfectly happy,so everything now is "want" instead of "need".Maybe 17"-8" torque thrust ll,white gauges,13"brakes......
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That sounds like a great ride. Do you have any pictures?


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I have had my TCP rack for about a year now. It sure makes a big difference in the handling of the car. Makes it skip about 3 decades in feel. Let me know please if you get any rattle noise coming from the rack at all. I get one in mine and can't seem to shake it. Anyway enjoy!

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power or manual?
Congratulations, it sounds like you've got a great car. It's always interesting to read a post from somebody who has already done some of the upgrades that i'm considering. It helps me decide whether or not I still want to make the upgrades in the future. I'm glad the r&p is working out for you.
I have the R&P in my car and I have also been tracking down rattles. I do know that I need to check the steering shaft set screws occasionally as they tend to loosen up over time. I also noticed the bearing in the cap that fits over the end of the steering tube does not fit tight against the steering shaft that passes through it. There is not a lot of play but enough to cause a rattle. If you grab the steering shaft between the u-joints and you can wiggle it around, chances are the set screws are loose or you have the same problem with the bearing I have. Good luck.

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