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has anyone installed these strut braces in their mustang? i like the look of these but need to know if they are anymore rigid than the originals. any noticeable stiffness? thanks

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Boy, I hate to say anything bad about TCP stuff because they are a very good company. We run with
Terry and the gang at the Shelby Club open track events. I use the subframe connectors on my '65 coup.
In "my opinion", any time you use a hiem joint it allows for movement in any direction. With the TCP kit
if the shock towers move in it will put forward pressure on the monte-carlo bar part and it will bend some.
If you don't mind the old parts, it's hard to beat a export brace and a strait monte-carlo bar. The TCP
kit has no support like the export brace, it all can move. It looks great, but I think the money could be
spent somewhere else. The kits are very expensive. Spend your money on the brakes. " A car that won't start
is one thing, a car that won't stop is a whole different story".
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