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Don't know how many miles are on the engine, but in addition to what you already mentioned, I would suggest the following at a minimum:

-- Mike cylinders and hone or bore as required, new rings

-- Mike all mains and rod throws

-- Rod, main, and cam bearings - don't scrimp on cam bearings

-- New rings

-- Valve job on the heads, making sure all seals and guides are servicable, or replaced

-- Timing set

-- New soft plugs

-- Quality set of engine gaskets!

Probably left something out, but that's the bare minimum I've found that works over the long haul. If any of these things are left out, I invariably have had to go back and re-do something. This costs more than if I'd done it right in the first place, and believe me, I've done some pretty inexpensive overhauls that lasted a long time.

Hope this helps!
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