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If you missed the April Mustang Illustarated article on the Mustangs Unlimited show look at Jay's post.
Look at that sweet Mach 1.

ps . did you get hit by that storm o' the century? I was hoping to get the old girl out this month. NOT with a fresh 2 feet of snow. They expect another 6-8inches tomorrow. This sucks.

Rick Bombard
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The pic is not coming through on my end..yes we got some more snow..about 12 inches..but it warmed up the next few days so it is melting fast..we expect about 2 more inches. I am only about 1/8 mile from the water so I think it stays a bit more moderate then your weather.I am out of here on Sunday to head to Cali..I am hoping by the time I get back spring will have arrived..

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