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Have a 64.5 coupe with 260 V8. My car has been in "driving storage" for last two years while I was overseas. Have started driving it again in 100 degree plus Texas heat.

After warming up, noticed while on highway doing 60mph that temp gauge would slowly increase towards "hot" mark on temp gauge. Suspecting clogged radiator, I opted to go with aluminum 3 row radiator. This seemed to fix the continuously increasing temp. The temp gauge indicated halfway to 5/8 while on highway for long period (3 hours) in 100F plus temps.

While replacing radiator, replaced thermostat (180F for 180F). Hoses were replaced earlier and were in good shape. Removed the old 6 blade fan (didn't have fan clutch) and installed an electric fan (which is too small - need to replace this as overheats in traffic).

1. What is the temperature range of the temp guage?

2. What should be the normal position of temp gauge while on highway in "hot" weather?

3. Any suggestions for electric fan with fluidyne 3 row radiator (or should I go back to 6 blade fan with a clutch and shroud)?



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A good shroud that seals well to the radiator will make a dramatic difference.

With A/C on, a 6-blade steel fan, a 4-row radiator, and a well-sealed shroud, my gauge rests at about the half-way point (in Texas heat ;)). I'm not certain of the numerical temp... Without the A/C on, it bearly climbs off the "C."
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