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Testing new forum

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I just wanted to test the new far so good
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Hey Teebone, What's Up!

Just trying to catch up to Pat on posting totals *LOL* He got a head start, no fair!

Doug Whisenant

VMF Exchange
You know, I haven't seen bishir since this morning....I wonder what he's up to..?

Likely looking for a back door into this place I trust....*G*

What do you think of keeping a single thread running with forum mechanics related stuff? Otherwise, we'll be posting the same answers again and again...

Also, encourage the guys to use the search'll work as good for pic posting info as it does for carb rebuilding....

Your thoughts, o wise one...??

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How did you get those purdy pictures to work? I can't seem to get anything to come up in either my severely shortened sig. or my severely shortened bio... I *HATE* computers!!!!!

'72 Mach 1
'90 Talon TSi AWD

"Thats not a leak, my car's marking its territory!"

It'll tell you all about markup and how to insert pix...

Well, I made it Pat. It's not the same but it'll do for now since we're all starting fresh anyhow. Maybe one of these days that password will show up...


'68 Coupe
250/C4, 221 Argentine Head,2100 Autolite
Another forum has a separate area for non-tech stuff (politics, bs, philosophy, bs). I find the tech area extremely
helpful but would rather not read thru the other. Although
the majority of posts here will be tech in nature, maybe a
different area for shooting the breeze would work.

65 FB "J" 302 lots of mods. 94 GT K&N only.
I've come to like having the General "Tech" Discussion and then one for the "Lounge" where you can shoot the breeze and finally the "Test Area" where you can figure out how to link pictures, signature, etc....
Yeah, I agree....hopefully Bob might accomodate that request although the clutter of the old VMF was endearing to many who used it....

I was referring to the learning curve for the existing membership which should be brief considering how experienced most of them are...if we had a thread covering forum-related issues where people could easily get good answers without those answering having to repeat themselves excessively...*G*...

I also hope that people will start using the search engine...I'm trying to formulate my answers to include keywords that will show up...

Welcome John....settle in and test the waters....

I must say, it's a lot more fun to explore than the old site...

Don't hesitate to post alerts if you find something which is unwieldy or difficult to use....along with the features you like...

Good luck!

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