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Thanks everyone for the CFII

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We had a fantastic time!!!

It was great to see everyone again! And for those of you who didn't make this years CF you just have to make it next year! It will be held the weekend of........well whenever it is it will be unbearably hot!

Thanks again to Mr. Dooley for hosting us and allowing us invade Des Moines again!

PS. Daughter # 2 found out about the burnout in her car. However it does not compare to the one she did last year with my car. I wasn't around when that happened!!!
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Gene - great to see you again! Hope you enjoyed the ride in Cloney!

I'm expecting a ride in your coupe at next year's CF3!!! /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
Gene thanks to you and your wife for the compliments on my little?? girl ,,We had a great time visiting and just watching the others HAHA
Gene, it was great to see you and SWMBO again. Hope to see you again next year!

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