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Thanks for the Subframe Connector Help

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I was out of town for several days when I posted about the car being lifted to install the Subframe Connectors. All the reponses were excellent and everyone has a valid point. I do think I will push ahead and install the connectors anyway, right or wrong. Flex issues should be fairly minor anyways, and lifting the front end up with the hitch and forklift allows easy access while the entire chassis is at its lightest possbile weight. Afterwards, I will be installing the front suspension, steering and brakes and the front end will be considerably heavier. At that point, I will discontinue using the hitch to lift for obvious safety reasons. Thanks for all the input everyone./forums/images/icons/smile.gif
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Not to change your mind, just information.

I spoke to a frame shop here in Austin on Friday. Was told to install them with suspension loaded and lifted. Supporting the car as close to the ball joints on the front tires and by lifting the rear axle.

I still want to install mine now while everyting is off but feel I will wait.

Would love to hear how it goes.
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