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Thanks Honey

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My wife helped me mount the doors on Coppertone yesterday. Kind of nice to get the ladies involved in the restoration. Now if I can get her to help me chemical strip the fenders and decklid, then I might let her sign next to "Restored by ______". *G*

Coppertone's current condition:
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Nothing like 100 lb doors to bring a family together. I had to get my wife help me take off the doors. And it was still heavy as hell.
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Luckily, these are just the shells. Just like the rest of the car, they're totally dismantled. My neighbor swears I'll never finish it. He says it's in a million pieces. Yea, but they're in Ziplocs.

Coppertone's current condition:
Getting her involved will help out later when the big money stuff is in need of buying. She will have a personal "involvement" in the car :)

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I would fall over dead if my wife ever helped me on the coupe. I guess we know who WON'T be gettin' a ride when it's done!

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