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@thatgreen66yote Coyote Swap Thread

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Starting a build thread for the first time to document progress and get advise from the many on here who have dealt with the issues posed by this swap. My car has the second generation MII Heidts front end in it with an SBF and a t5 right now. Fueling is from tanks inc injection tank and Pimpxs. I mini tubbed it and installed an SoT 3 link, 9" with 3.89's and truetrac last year. Here in the planned parts list as of now.

Gen 3 mustang coyote(new or used not sure yet)

Vintage air front runner(not sure if I will be running a driven PS pump or Volvo electric)

T56 wide ratio with QT bell, 1330 yoke, clutch fork (will be here next week)

Running a cable for the clutch right now since I already have it. May go to hydraulic if the pedal is too stiff.

Ford control pack




Trans tunnel

Driveshaft will be Sot

Will run Manual brake's for now. Probably wilwood MC

Headers are TBD

Oil cooler nonsense is TBD

Radiator and fan are TBD

Seems daunting. Here is the car as it sits:

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive parking light Vehicle registration plate
Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle
Motor vehicle Car Vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior
Vehicle Hood Car Automotive design Motor vehicle
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Car seat cover Automotive design
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Steering part Steering wheel
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i installing SoT rear suspension and rod and custom front end on mine. what size rims and tires are you running?
Got my parking brake yesterday. It’s from control cables. Looks pretty nice. View attachment 844105

price is good too, i just ordered
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looks like its coming along really well. but your master cylinder and brake lines are really close to the fender apron. are your hood hinges going to clear?
wow clearances are tight. i setup my firewall to use dual master cylinders with my coyote but now i am thinking that my configuration might not work. i even recessed the mounting location to add space so i can use a pair of wilwoods 3 inch long master cylinders.

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Grey Automotive exterior

im going to have to test fit my engine to see if it will work
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Looks like it will be close but you should be able to get it to fit. Only one way to find out.

you were right. take a look....

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Took a few hours today and cleaned up the shock tower openings, fabbed a pcm mount, and started the radiator support. I’m sure my neighbors think it’s hilarious that I’m forming metal parts on my brick flower bed in front of my house. I need to find somewhere to put a vice. No actual finish work yet, but got a little closer today. View attachment 852841
View attachment 852838
View attachment 852839
View attachment 852840
wow, wasnt sure where i was going to put mine but thats a great idea!!
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If you box it in, I wold put a holes at the bottom to allow any moisture to escape. Definitely a great idea
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Yesterday I got the cowl trimmed up to verify that it fit. Once I verified that, I cut all the brackets off of it that are for the 67-68. I also modified an existing bracket to hang my AC evaporator from. Since the vents get capped with the VA setup I also decided to weld those shut. Still have some cleaning up to do but its hot in Az and I ran out of steam. View attachment 854549
View attachment 854550
View attachment 854551 View attachment 854552 View attachment 854553
Smart move. if i had changed my cowl i would have done the same thing. but i am going to weld my vents shut
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Got the tower panels drilled and fitted up today with weld in nut plates welded into the inner fenders from welderseries. Also started the radiator support. View attachment 856048
View attachment 856047
View attachment 856049
looks good
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Got my AC condenser installed and my front end on except the hood. Working on a way to keep heat off of the wiring harness and brake lines. It’s pretty tight. Ordered some sleeving and hopefully it works so I don’t have to wrap my headers. I also heard getting them ceramic coated would help? Anybody know if that’s true? View attachment 874537
View attachment 874536
Some minor progress.

I put my parking brake lever in with no cable(still need to shorten the explorer lines and measure) View attachment 875620
Cleaned some hardware a new way for me.
View attachment 875625
Bled my brakes alone because I heated my fluid enough for it to apply my brakes automatically while I let it idle for 30 minutes.
View attachment 875623
Threw my hood on. Much adjustment is still needed.
View attachment 875621
Heat shield on wiring and brake lines. We will see if things need moved or header wrap/coatings.
View attachment 875624
View attachment 875622
looks good. cant wait to finish mine. maybe by summer of 2024....
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Windshield is in. Followed the 10 year old mtf videos that look like they’re 20 years old. Used the same 2 products. No fun but not too bad. 1.5 hrs including going to buy a replacement caulk gun. View attachment 876411
Too bad they dont make windshield rubber thats wide enough that you don't have to use trim.
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