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So I figured, "why not try to exchange all these extra engines and cars for some work?" ... well I guess this goes to show $ talks best still .... this guy has an ad in the loval paper to exchange his services for autobody/mechanical work, so I figure I'll get rid of my 78 ghia, 2 x 302's and a 429 (all complete and working), in exchange for a good used 302HO dropped in the cobra. Well he offers $20 for the 429 and basically figures I'd give him my 69 mach to do the work plus pay for parts! Haha ... Anyhow, he was drooling over the 69 and asks me how much?

Well by this point I'm pretty put off so I tell the monkey, "more 'n you can afford bub .. but I'll take $6k if your really interested!" <G> (keep in mind this is an early stage resto!)" ... well he does'nt like that!

What a ***** ... I can understand trying to make some coin but this guy was so full of himself it was ridiculous ... I guess there must be a good number of stupid people out there though if hes feeding himself!

$20 for a f'n 429 give me a break ... ah well, finally have things arranged for my 351Clevor swap for the 429 anyhow, I just can't get over that! HS, you think he's actually convinced someone to sell for that??? I mean, you'd think a person who knows enough to tear the engine down and start a rebuild knows better than that ... what an insult!

Must drive a chevy or somethin ... JK :)

Well the good news is that the 78 Ghia is sold and my buddy is hooked on mustangs now too ... its a II but hey, at least I'm getting someone else into the fold! The wife is really in this 76 Cobra I picked up, great!, now I get my 69 Mach ALL TO MYSELF !!

1969 Mach 1 ( M-Code )
1976 Cobra II
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