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The Freedom Train O/T

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The Freedom Train from our Bicentenial belongs to the city of Portland and I got to see her rumble through my town yesterday on her way to an Independence Week celebratory tour. She's been painted again to match the 1976 National tour and to stand by as she passes by not only brings tremors through your body as to her explatory demonstration of raw power but to see the color scheme, and in light of the last nine months, what it represents seems to send a strong message that I'd like to pass along.

By the way... that's on two cylinders!
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Thanks for the amazes me all that raw power from an age old design of steam driven..wish I could have heard it
OK, here's my question: How many ricers can the Freedom Train push backwards?
Two Clyinders the size of my Bass Drum!!!!!!

I wonder how many Cubic Inches?
Personally, I think that people all over the world should join in....
and start a love train..
Great Pic!!! I remember the Freedom Train well!!! . . . It came through my hometown (Santa Ana, Ca) back in '76 and, of course, the family and I went to see . . . truly a traveling museum, and I remember watching it pull into the station, and then taking the tour . . . (one of the few things I do remember from when I was a teenager /forums/images/icons/crazy.gif!)

Anyway . .. thanks for the memories, and just the sight of it again, sends a message to me!!

I have ridden behind steamers like that. If it were not for America's industrial might, exemplified in that picture, we would not have twice been able to save the world from other nations gone mad. I think that is probably why this country was formed.
Very cool pic. 2 cylinders??? is that one of them making up most of the train in the pic there? /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif
[color:red]OK, here's my question: How many ricers can the Freedom Train push backwards</font color=red>

All of them. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
I also got to se the train as it came through my home tow. I site I will never forget. They made a good choice when they picked this locomotive. She was[or is] a SP gs-4,484. One of the most butifull steam locomotives ever made. If you have seen one in its "Daylight" colors you will know what I mean.[looked on the web, but could not find a pic]
Here's the site where I got the pic. Friday I didn't have my camera as she steamed by.
There's some info on the engine and some great pics there as well. The 700 is an equally impressive engine that resides in the same roundhouse as the 4449,
Thanks for the site. Lots of nice pictures there. Here’s one for you concourse guys. #4449 in its factory paint.
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