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The new site is pretty nice, but please don't forget those back on the old site

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It looks as though many of us have jumped right into the deep end on the new site. That's good. But let's not forget all of our friends who can't (or won't) come over here easily.

Much of the beauty of this 'virtual car club' is the sense of community and our willingness to help each other out. So -- even if you are doing fine over here, please drop by the old site a few times each day and help those of us who are having trouble with the transitiion if you can.

If you are one of those lucky people who's totally at ease with web access technology (I'm certainly not), your presence over there would really be appreciated. There are a number of people who are having real difficulty getting on the the new site, and your expertise might be just what they need.

We're a pretty generous group - here's another opportunity to demonstrate it!

Glenn Morgan