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The Resurrection of DT (long)

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And it was done in Grand DT style I might add.

I was a dark a stormy night......ok ok it was more like this afternoon. Finished up my AM con calls and cleared my schedule. SWMBO wants to power-wash the house and deck this weekend and maybe stain it next weekend….so I needed a few hours alone to cast my dark spell on the lurking hulk in the garage.

DT is still fighting every step of the way though. Finished mounting and wiring my 6a box and Blaster 3 coil…..I got so excited I ran over, hooked up the new battery I bought 2 months ago and all the new battery cables and threw the switch…..I expected to be screaming “Its alive”, but all I got was a ‘click’.

I new the problem instantly, and jump in the truck. I pulled up along side, yanked out the jumper cables and started hooking it up. Jumped back in and threw the switch in DT again. CA-CHUG CA-CHUG CA-CHUG…….hmmm, maybe it’s really dead, I’ll give it 5 minutes. Time passes…… CA-CHUG CA-CHUG CA-CHUG Still nothing.

Hmmmm, let me check my connections….yup, good ground, good hot, good switch 12v…….let my check my spark……ZZZZZAAAPPPPPPPP……OUCH…..yup got that…..check for gas…….tastes like gas…..almost ready to give up thinking I really am an idiot and a moron and I can’t get my own car started…….then it hits me…

I MUST HAVE SCREWED UP THE ROTOR POSITIONING. I pulled that darn dizzy so many times and swapped between the two half a dozen times….I must have screwed up TDC….so I loosen the bolt and start turning.

After about 8 minutes of trial and error (yes it was that far off), I find the sweet spot….and boy what a spot it was…..all the gas that had accumulated in the cylinders ignited and I thought the motor blew up! It revved super high for 1 second, then died and lit a backfire through the carb /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif….ok….just a little more on the timing /forums/images/icons/smile.gif……another few little turns with the wrist….and DT roared to life vomiting white and black smoke from every orifice you can imagine…..then 60 seconds later……just a little blue out the back…….then 10 minutes later……..nothing. Just the sweet sound of a high cam idle with really advanced timing so it won’t stall cause the owner can’t time for sh*t success /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

I sat there and listened to her run for over an hour letting all the old crap left over the old owner burn away out the pipes. So there it sat running, not satisfied I decided to retard the timing a little…..after letting it run for over an hour……OUCH…..and of course I stalled it…..then the DT curse starts in again……it won’t start….just clicks…..jump it again and crank the timing up so it stays running again. Pull out the voltage meter….12v on the battery. /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif So either the Alt is bad or the regulator is bad (or both with luck).

Ok that’s an easy job…no biggie…adjust the timing some more so it idles real nice….one problem though, I DID IT IN PARK. So of course when I pop it into gear it stalls right out /forums/images/icons/frown.gif
Well anyway…..long story short (if that’s possible now) DT runs again. The intake appears to be installed without leaks, the new plugs, dizzy, coil, wires, and 6a work, the new carb was just like they said (so far)…bolt and go, and it looks (knock on wood) that the oil burning problem might be fixed.

I think I had a good day today.
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But now look what you have to look forward to.......powerwashing the houes & deck./forums/images/icons/tongue.gif/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
Could be worse.....SWMBO said she would paint the railing if I powerwashed and stained the flooring /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

I think I am making out on that one. We got a BIG wrap around porch...and I like to power wash...especially when its hot out.

Back of the house

Front and side
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