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I want to put a T5 in my 73 and I was wondering if someone out there has done this swap before. I need to find out where to get the parts needed for the conversion from the C4 to the T5. I have done a little research on the conversion but there are still some things I haven't found. Will I have to alter my drive shaft? Yeah I know I'm in for it on this one, but it can't be any harder than rebuilding an engine.

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I have never done the swap in a '71-'73, but, did it in my '70.
The biggest problem is going to be finding the clutch pedal set-up. I looked for one when I had a '73, and foung out that it had a 1 year only pedal set-up....Very hard to find, and expensive...
The rest of the swap shouldn't be to bad...Don't know about the driveshaft length.
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