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The small world that is the VMF

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Some of you may recal that 2 weeks ago I shot the spark plug out the head on my neon commuter POS. Because of this I was forced to drive DT to work on nice sunny friday (the horrors).


When I got to New Cumberland (the army base where I am working) I saw a VERY nice looking 66 Emberglow off course I had to park next to had all the GT option, had under dash air, 2 tone pony interior...just a stunning example of what appeared to be a Genuine concourse Mustang I off-course had to park my beastly restomod next to it ::

Later that day I came out to drop off a VMF note....but the owner had left :(

So today I am reading a post on the forum and notice a certian sig pic that looks a heck of a lot like the car I parked next to 2 weeks ago...pull up that users website...the interior and exterior all look the then I pull up the user profile....low and behold...lives just outside of Harrisburg and is an ARMY I just had to send a PM to hellcat (the user).

Turns out we are not only working on the same army base, we are working in the same building ::

Small small world. invite him to mini-feed since I don't think he has visited the regional forum for the Mid Atlantic Chapter ::
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That's funny. It IS a small VMF world, though! Ninjakid, 65rangoon, PrairieBronze and myself all live within TWO MILES of each other. I could probably hit PrairieBronze's house with a rock from my backyard (Don't worry, Tim, I won't! :D) We all met on the forum, though.

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It's amazing how many VMFers I met when I was in Des Moines last month....
that was Corn Feed.....

Why doesn't anybody from VMF live next door to me?! I need a garage something bad! And tools to borrow. And pictures with Stormtrooper Bob. And I guess that's why my neighbor has a 6 foot chainlink fence topped in barbed wire. I'm just too nutty.

The burning question I have is, why didn't he drop a little VMF note on your car? Was it not worthy enough? Or maybe he already knew who you were?

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Speaking of the small world of the VMF. A long time ago when I going to public schools my parents would send me back to PA for a month or so during the summer. My cousin Dave was 6 months older than me and I would spend time with him. When he and his best friend Ed reached driving age I learned a lot from them in regards to making cars faster and cooler. Cousin Dave has always been and still is a die hard Ford Man. Any ways during a trip back when I had my first 6cyl 1967 Mustang I learned from Cousin and Eddie that I really wanted a V8 and a 4speed. :: The rest is history with me, thus the Mustang that I have now. So one day I was looking in the Trade/Free adds and I notice that a VMF'er is from Somerset, PA. Looking further I find that it is my old friend Eddie. He has been here mostly selling parts to fund the restoration of his 68 GT vert. So if anyone is thinking of buying something from 1968289 I will vouch for him, he is a great dude. fd

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I am with TK42ONE, I wish I had a VMFer somewhere near. If I could borrow some tools too would be nice. ::
Don't beleive TK...there are dozens of VMFers is his neck of the woods...heck I'm only 2 hours away ::

Studiopet lives down these in VA....of course he is in Afganistan right now and he doesn't exactly have a garage full of tools anyway (he did seem to be at my house alot fixing his mustang come to think of it ;) )
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