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The Smell Of Exhaust

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Ok, I swear, I smell a /hint/ of exhaust in the cabin of my 68 coupe.
What I have done to solve this,
Rebuilt the carb.
but in a rear seat/trunk divider
replaced the panel under the rear window behind the seat
got a tail pipe extension (these helped immensely as the old tail pipe was within the rear valance so I was getting exhaust coming up through the old peakers in the back).
But.... the hint of it is still there. Not all the time though.
so. advice. First.. whats a cheap way to test compression? and any other options you know of?

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I have/had the same problem with my 67 coupe.
Found the fuel tank was fitting like a dick in a hat.
Sealed the gaps and that improved things a lot. Not fixed totally yet,I just keep filling every seam and hole I can see.
Put a light in the boot (trunk) and seal where the light comes out do it at night or at least with the door closed (garage not car)

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I think the problem is that your trunk lid is not sealing. Putting a trouble light in the trunk, closing the lid, turning off the lights in the garage will show any light that is is coming through and show where it is not sealing.
and the trunk lid seal is real cheap, about $10. Now the glue may be more expensive...

Hope you find the cure soon!

Dean T

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A quick and dirty repair is to use windlace on the trunk lid to augment the sealing power. I used it to stop a water leak into the trunk prior to bodywork, and it did great!

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