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The stang is getting a 351W!

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I was at the Ford swap meet in Columbus this weekend. Bought a lot of parts for my stang, including a really trick aluminum overflow tank that bolts right to the radiator mounting holes on the driver's side. Also picked up a dissasembled and machined 351W shortblock for $250. So it looks like I'm going to have a nice 302 short block for sale!
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I got your PM. You are gonna have some serious fun now! With aluminum heads/intake and a set of headers, you won't really have a weight penalty, either.

Engineering an exhaust solution that clears your Z-bar will be a little bit of a challenge as will a clutch that can withstand more than 350hp (11-inchers require a different bellhousing which may well interfere with the headers). We are preparing to put the Windsor back in my car with Headman shorties and an H-D 10.5-inch Zoom - so I can't really give you any firsthand info yet.

Knowing you - this car will be a killer! Keep us posted on the progress.

Glenn Morgan 66 GT Fastback 351w+toploader
Thanks for the info, Glenn. I'm planning on either a cable or hydraulic clutch conversion at the same time, so hopefully I'll avoid that problem. Do the shorty headers solve the bellhousing interference problem? Keep me posted on your progress.
Cable clutch will solve your bellhouse/Z-bar clearance problems totally - although I've heard avoiding the exhaust with the cable itself can be tricky. JBAs work with stock heads every time - but will not fit all of the aftermarket heads out there. The Headmans are cheap ($100 at JEG's) and would work too, if you have no Z-bar to deal with. I'm getting mine ceramic coated (AFTER fitment is done).

Fun fun fun!

Glenn Morgan 66 GT Fastback 351w+toploader
Would the shorties allow the 11" clutch and bellhousing?
Below is my set-up as described. As you can see some extra twisting and turning was necessary to get it all in my '67 vert.


JBA headers, 11 inch Centerforce clutch, Z-bar, and 2 1/2" exhaust, with a 351W.
The long tube Headman hedders will work with the z-bar. When I first swapped over to the 351W, that's what I used until swapping over to hydraulic. Everything was a tight fit, and a pain in the a$$ to get in there, but there was no interference.

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66 fastback 351W
Did you use '65 or '66 motor mounts, and what clutch did you use?
Initally, the car came with the 65 motor mounts, which I have recently swapped out for the 66. They are alot stronger than the 65's.

I'm using a custom made clutch. I think that originally, it was a hays pressure plate. I took it into the local specialty clutch place here in town and told them what it was going into and they made the clutch disc and pressure plate to match. At the same time I got rid of the z-bar, they bend too easy, for a McLeod hydraulic throwout bearing.

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66 fastback 351W
Congrats Jim - The windsor will be a kick in the pants!

Why don't you post the specs on the 302 short block - I'm sure someone on the forum might want it, and I doubt anyone will get mad at you for posting that in this area.

BTW, I was cleaning up the work area yesterday and took out the steering wheel just for a look. Can't wait to have it on the car! Thanks - Dickson

1965 GT fastback
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Yeah, while I was at the swap meet I was checking out the prices of wheels - you got a good deal! *LOL*
Actually, I was also very satisfied with our deal, although I will say that my wheel was way better than the couple dozen I saw at the meet. Good luck with it.
We tried Hedman 351W conversion headers (long and short tube) off what was my '68 Coupe with 351W and C-4 auto, on my '67 vert with 351W and toploader. Whichever Z-bar and clutch fork combination we tried simply did not work. Had the JBA shorty's not worked we were going to try a hydraulic throw out bearing. In retrospect, given the necessary exhaust pipe twisting and turning, the hydraulic throw out bearing would have been our best choice.

Our problems with the Hedman headers may have been caused by our use of the larger 11" bellhousing, flywheel, etc. from a manual shift 351W car. Be careful not to purchase the truck version of the 351W 11" bellhousing, etc.

Please note, the forces needed to operate the Centerforce clutch are lighter than the stock clutch on the original 289 ci A-code.

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hey i live in grove city ohio where was the swap meet at how can i find out when swap meets are and where they are at???
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