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The weirdo car guys were afoot

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It's not unusual to get a little attention while driving these old cars and I try to be gracious about it even when someone is an idiot. Hell, the attention is a big reason to bother owning it - it's fun.

But last Friday morning I was driving it to work and it got downright weird. Twice. First, I was at a light where two six-lane roads intersect, and a dude two lanes over in a truck starts yelling out his window "I have a sixty five--" and immediately a car stopped between us. The light turned green instantly, I took off, and laughed for half a block.

I've had some version of that happen at least 50 times over the years. But then two miles and 5 minutes later was the real absurdity. I was in the middle lane, stopped at another VERY busy intersection daydreaming and listening to the radio. All of a sudden there's a guy standing in the road talking to me through the passenger window. I hadn't seen him coming at all. Panhandlers work this particular intersection all the time, and that was my instant assumption. But this dude was dressed business-casual and had gotten out of his car, a couple cars back, to ask me what year mine is and another 10 seconds of generic talk. I was so shocked I don't even remember what he said.

Any other live ones out there?
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Had a guy roll up next to me in traffic and tell me with a straight face "I just called the cops on you". I look over at my girl stunned and look back when he says "For not painting that mustang red!" As he smiles and drives as his lane started going faster. Had me on the first half!

Last Friday I had an old hag cut me off and proceed to brake check me since I was too close to for her liking immediately after she cut me off. She then began slowing down to a crawl once the road turned to one lane and tried trapping me behind her. Sucks for her because I bolted outta there before she got out of her car. Gave her a nice ear full of WOT sweetness.

Some people are really happy to see these cars and others seem super bitter and go out of their way to try and prove a point. Sucks for them, I'm driving my dream car!
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