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Like others, I've gotten the typical reactions in my 65 convertible... Thumbs up, nice car, I used to have one (yeah, right!), and "I'll buy that from you" (to which my normal response used to be "sure, $25k and it's yours!"). But my best is not a "weirdo" story, but a cop / fellow mustanger story!

Back in '85, I was moving from So Cal to Denver in my first Mustang, a 65, 200, coupe. It was loaded to the gills with a full trunk and the passenger and back seats stacked to the windows!

Leaving a rest area on I-15 or I-70 somewhere in the Utah mountains, I hit the bottom of the ramp at about 100 mph (it was downhill) just as a Utah highway patrolman was pulling over someone else. He pulled me over too (I don't think he know how fast I was going, but he knew I was going fast)! He got to me first and I met him at the back of my car with license and registration in hand. For you younger folks out there, it used to be a "courtesy" to meet the cop behind your car (now you'd probably get shot!).

As he approached, I noticed him sizing up my Mustang, which had Bondo and primer where I had been doing some body work. Instead of the normal "do you realize how fast you were going?", the first words out of his mouth were "what work have you been doing on your Mustang?" We proceed to talk at the side of the road for almost 10-minutes about all the things we were doing to our Mustangs (he had a 69 coupe).

He forgot about the other guy he had pulled over, so he we had to end the conversation. He apologized for having to give me a ticket since he had already called it in. He wrote me up for 65 in a 55, which cost a whopping $25 and didn't go on my record!
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