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The weirdo car guys were afoot

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It's not unusual to get a little attention while driving these old cars and I try to be gracious about it even when someone is an idiot. Hell, the attention is a big reason to bother owning it - it's fun.

But last Friday morning I was driving it to work and it got downright weird. Twice. First, I was at a light where two six-lane roads intersect, and a dude two lanes over in a truck starts yelling out his window "I have a sixty five--" and immediately a car stopped between us. The light turned green instantly, I took off, and laughed for half a block.

I've had some version of that happen at least 50 times over the years. But then two miles and 5 minutes later was the real absurdity. I was in the middle lane, stopped at another VERY busy intersection daydreaming and listening to the radio. All of a sudden there's a guy standing in the road talking to me through the passenger window. I hadn't seen him coming at all. Panhandlers work this particular intersection all the time, and that was my instant assumption. But this dude was dressed business-casual and had gotten out of his car, a couple cars back, to ask me what year mine is and another 10 seconds of generic talk. I was so shocked I don't even remember what he said.

Any other live ones out there?
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Back in the early 80s while my car was still a show pony I had an incident on a Colorado two-lane country road. A giant pickup truck came up from behind and pulled alongside me, driving the wrong way in that lane. He crowded over into my lane, and I drifted towards the shoulder to keep some distance between us. Then his passenger side window rolls down, and a guy leans out, yelling and waving something around. I rolled my window down and eased over a bit to see what was up with that. Guy hands me a business card and says "If you ever want to sell that car, give me a call!"
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