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Not much of a weirdo story, just a story about how people react. I bought the car last year from some horse stables(yes, I bought a Mustang from some horse stables.) out in the Hamptons. It was about an hour and a half drive back home. So, I am driving carefully and somewhat slowly. (never had a classic car before). I am in the car with my son and my wife is following me in a car behind me. Then the hand gestures start. First of all I didn't realize how many positive reactions you get driving a Mustang around. But there are so many different hand gestures and all good. I was getting the thumbs up gesture, then I was getting the miltary salute. I got a few waves. I got a couple of people pointing at me or the car. But my favorite was the hang ten shake. The one where the thumb and pinky are extended, and the hand is "wagging" back and forth. It was pretty cool being a celebrity for a little bit.
1 - 1 of 69 Posts