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Any new car to the scene around here turns peoples common sense meter off. This is the first season in 10 years my car has been on the road so I've been doing a few cruise-in's at a local grocery store on Tuesday and public park on Fridays. 9/10 times I pull in and shut the car off at least two sometimes more people come over and wanna talk about the car soon as they've never seen it before. That's fine, but they usually stand directly next to the drivers door so I can't open it. I've had more conversations sitting parked in the drivers seat than outside the car lol.

One time I actually got out of the car, but my daughter wasn't so lucky. Two guys rattled my ear for 30 mins while standing next to her pass side door. Finally I said, guys I need to get my daughter out of the car, to which they asked why cant she get out herself, to which I said she had reconstructive hip surgery and cant move on her own and pointed at the crutches in her lap.

No one means any harm, and I'm stoked after all these years people like my car, but jeesh, let me and my passengers get out first lol.

Then two weekends ago a shirtless elderly man in swim trunks and Crocks almost flipped his mobility scooter off the curve cause he gave me thumbs up while I was driving. He was close to eating blacktop but was smiling ear to ear.
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