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There was hope... Research pays off again.

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Get a load of this... Talk about luck. I had someone do a hit and run on my 2002 ranger on the 2nd (three days ago) durring the night. The idiot flew the scene and left all the evidence there. I had his drivers miror, the broken pieces, the paint color scrathed into my pain and a small chip of the Forest Green Matalic paint stuck into my bumper. I did my research and came up with a match. it was a 95 Chevy S10 pickup and the only color green for that year was a Forest Green Matalic. When he hit me dirt fell on the ground. (Bingo!!!) I now know the color, make, year and that he lives on a dirt street. I hit the streets yesterday moring and low and behold the idiot left his truck parked out on the side street about a mile away from me. I live just outside of Detroit, MI. I had the broken pieces that fit exactly into hit truck where the mirror broke off. He fessed up and boy is his sister going to be mad at him for the rest of his life. The insurance is in his sisters name and the truck was his brothers. I hope his family members rip him a new A*&* &ole. He is going to get what he deserves.
65 Mustang in restoration in the garage after finding the correct vin. It was Titled as a 66.
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Great detective work! Glad you caught him.

I probably would have had the cops say hi though, you never know who is going to answer a door (could have gotten very ugly).

John Harvey
I didn't approach him. The cops did all that. I just found the vehicle sitting out in front of his neighbors house. They took care of the rest.
Sometimes the scum just get the bad breaks......Thank God for that!!! Glad to hear that he will get a leaving the scene of an accident on his record! I hate the un-responsible A** holes that do that against people.......No respect for anyones property......
Kinda sounds like the sequel to my cousin vinnie. Good work.
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