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Theres a BEAST in my garage!

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I got home today with my inch header bolt, and replaced the 3/4 bolt, finished putting in new plugs, tightened up the valve cover, and fired up the fastback!!! GEEZ!!!! I shook the neighborhood, LOL!!!! It didn't take to long until a cop was standing in my garage. Lucky for me, I went to high school with him, and he just wanted to talk about my car. He did tell me to calm down a bit, and take it out on the road, so he wouldn't get anymore calls. Fine with me, LOL!!!! I roared through some beauitful Kentucky countryside for about an hour. A buddy of mine at the muffer shop is too busy to get to my car until Friday. Guess what i'll be doin' tomorrow afternoon??????

I LOVE the sound coming out at your feet!!!!!!!! For a second I thought I was at Bristol, LOL!!!!!

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AWWWW, It wasn't all that loud I couldn't here it in NJ LOL John

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Dan, What part of KY? Im in Crestwood. Would love to check it out some time!
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That must have been something!! I wish I could hear it here in California. Have fun roaring through the countryside. I envy you.


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Just for kicks I fired up my fastback a few months ago when I was installing the new Flowmaster exhaust. It was incredibly loud, I only let the car run for 10 seconds so the neighbors wouldn't get pissed. Police in our town are kinda picky about loud cars, so I chose not to take it for a spin.
Paul, Middlesboro, on the KY/TN/VA border & about 50 miles north of Knoxville, TN. Ever heard of it, LOL!!!!!

Crestwood, KY? Without checking MapQuest.....You're either close to Louisville, or Northern KY (Covington?).

But, YEAH, if you're ever in this neck of the woods, give me a call!!!


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I know what ya mean. Even with the exhaust attached, my neighbors just love me (especially when I leave to work at 5:30). I haven't had the cops out yet. But several years ago, I did recieve a notice from the city that I was running heavy equipment in the garage. I didn't know that I had a D9 dozer in the garage that I would routinely start up at 1am. *LOL*

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